CKD – 3 & 5 port Directional Control Valves

4th generation series in pneumatics valve.


4G Series (4th generation series in pneumatics valve):

  • More than 100milion operations.
  • Response time 12 to 15 MS.
  • Special surface coated spool.
  • Low energy power consumption between 0.11w to 0.35w.
  • Surge protector coil
  • Manifold:
    Available in 2 to 16 stations also available in reduce wiring type and communication valve (communication protocol like CC-link, DeviceNet, Profibus, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP)

4F Pneumatics valve series:

  • Long service life / high reliability: Ensures durability and reliability comparable to metal spool valve.
    Effective regardless of frequency of use: High frequency use is made possible by adopting a special spool structure.
  • No problem with operating after being out of use, and demonstrates excellent function even for infrequent use.
  • No coil burn / lock phenomena: Adopts a proprietarily developed special soft spool method, and eliminates coil burning and lock which were the cause of 90% of problems or more in the past.
  • OK even in adverse environments: there is no malfunction due to clogging in dusty environments as common exhaust for vent hole and PE port is adopted.


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•  Air pressure supply
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