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Electro pneumatic regulator
High precision electro pneumatic regulator
Digital electro pneumatic regulator
Thin electro pneumatic regulator

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Electro pneumatic regulator :
By using it for pilot air control of chemical pilot regulators (PMP Series), high-precision and high-speed response control is realized.

High precision electro pneumatic regulator:
An electro-pneumatic regulator that adopts feedback control by a semiconductor pressure sensor and an electronic control circuit. This electro-pneumatic regulator allows continuous and precise control of air pressure by electrical signals.

Digital electro pneumatic regulator:
A compact, high-function electro-pneumatic regulator featuring easy-to-use functions such as pressure and error display and direct memory functions.

Thin electro pneumatic regulator:
A thin, compact electro-pneumatic regulator with reduced wiring. Ideal for various pressure control and fine speed cylinder control in semiconductor and precise processing fields.

  • Space saving
  • Stable pressure
  • High precision
  • High-speed response
  • Lightweight
  • Temperature stability


  • Semiconductor manufacturing process (post-process)
  • Special purpose / conveyance