CKD – Vacuum System component

Ejector system
Vacuum Pump
Suction Pads
Vacuum Filter


Ejector system:
High speed suction and burst cycle integrating the ejector and vacuum burst function. Various types of performances and shapes are available to handle various conditions. Standard type with all functions aggregated.

Vacuum Pump:
burst air flow rate & vacuum switching unit with relief pressure adjustment needle.
Standard type with all functions aggregated. Compact and lightweight, vacuum switching unit with height dimension especially compact.

Suction Pads:
High precision suction plate that adopts porous fluorine resin on the suction surface. Various shapes and variations of materials are available. A wide range of variations that can support various workpieces and transport environments.

Vacuum Filter:
Removes dust and moisture from air when absorbing air and protects vacuum pump or ejector.


• Semiconductor manufacturing process (post-process)