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IndraDrive Cs Drive Systems with ACS01 and MSC motor

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IndraDrive Cs Drive Systems with ACS01 and MSC motor
Compact type of construction
Degree of protection IP20
Control panel with programming module function
Multi-encoder interface for all standard encoders (ACUROlink, HIPERFACE®, EnDat2.1, EnDat2.2, SSI, TTL, sin/cos, resolver, MS2N encoder or MSC encoder)
DC bus connection
Analog input (14 bit, ±10 V)
8 digital inputs
2 probe inputs
1 combined I/O which can be configured as digital input or as digital output
Performance-dependent fan control
Integrated brake current measurement and monitoring
Winding short circuit at motor output for shutdown as reaction to fatal errors
Support MSC motors
Hall sensor adapter box SHL03.1 to operate MCL linear motors with digital Hall sensors


  • Compact Design: side by side mounting supported.
  • Internal resistor integrated: carry out the quick stop functionality at no extra cost.
  • Operation panel with the built-in memory chip: easy for updating and commissioning.
  • Multi ethernet interface: Adapt to the most 3rd party controllers.
  • Multi encoder interface: 3rd party motor supported.
  • Powerful & robust
  • Main voltage: 3AC 200… 500V


  • Rated Speed from 1500 to 3000 rpm
  • Maximum Speed up to 6000 rpm
  • High Robustness class, with standard oil seal configured in all series.
  • 4Flange Size,9Power Section and 10Product Portfolio in total
  • Ultra-Low and Medium Inertia
  • Single-and Multi-turn absolute encoder, with high revolution
  • Fully meet the application requirement for various market.
  • Power range: 0.4kW up to 7.5 kW
  • Insulation grade F and IP67 Protection
  • 23-bit absolute encoder electronic nameplate

Basic Features

•  Product: 3-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor
•  Ambient temperature: 0…40 ℃
•  Degrees of protection :IP67*
•  Cooling type: Natural cooling
•  Installation height : Up to 1000 m above sea level
•  Insulation Level : 155 ℃ (F)
•  Encoder : 23-bit, single-turn or multi-turn absolute value             encoder
•  Electrical connection:
Amp plug (400 W, 750 W)
Aviation plug (other power)
•  Brake unit : 24 V DC brake unit, optional
•  Shaft seal: Standard
•  Shaft : with threaded hole and key slot. Removable key slot


General automation, handling, assembly:
Automated assembly and handling systems, palletizing systems, pick-and-place systems, logistics.

Machine tools:
Compact machines (e.g., for wood machining), secondary drives.

Food and packaging industry:
Filling and closing, palletizing, erecting cartons, closing cartons, labelling.

Printing machines:
Label printing, labelling, digital printing, positioning.
Battery Production

Metal cutting and forming machine